Thursday, August 2, 2007

Check out Seattle's new South African inspired mineral and rock store called "Scratch Patch USA--Mineral World

Calling all Nanny's, Parents, Grandparents and Teachers!

Next time you are in the Ravenna district, check out the newest mineral and rock store called Scratch Patch USA--Mineral World. Owner's Amanda and Leslie Lamprecht share this inspirational fun family experience inspired by South Africa. The colorful polished natural stones in over 90 beautiful varieties make up the floor in the store where you walk, sit or lay down on them and pick out your favorites to take home. Scratch Patch sells the stones by the bag at affordable prices ranging from $4, $8, and $15 dollars per bag. The most affordable way rock collectors can get these colorful and beautiful gemstones that come from all over the world and polished in South Africa. The store is very grounding, colorful, and serene. Unlike anything you've experienced before. Totally unique.

And for you those of you who like jewelry, Scratch Patch is carrying jewelry handmade from Tibet and from local Seattle jewelry artists, including the "anklets" I, Crystal Wendekier, made specially for the store and jewelry made by the talented owner, Amanda Lamprecht. Check it out, bring the kids, or the big kid in you.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer got wind of this new store and will be publishing pictures and an interview with Amanda that will appear in the August 11, 2007 edition.